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Bangladesh is a South Asian country with the world's eighth-largest population. Bangladesh became the largest petroleum and oil importer in the world. According to Bangladesh import data, Bangladesh's imports in 2022-23 are estimated to be around 5.3 USD bn in Dec 2022. It reached an all-time high of 7.7 USD bn in Jun 2022.

According to Bangladesh trade data for 2022-23, Bangladesh’s major imports are petroleum and oil, textile, food items, iron and steel, edible oil, chemicals, yarn and plastic and rubber articles. Bangladesh trade data also reveals a list of Bangladesh’s top import partners in 2022-23 as follows China, India, Singapore, United States, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, UAE and Korea.

Our Import data from Bangladesh typically includes information such as the importer's names, product descriptions, HS Codes, the number of goods imported, the value of imports, and the country of origin. Businesses can use this information to find new suppliers, analyze competition, and make informed decisions about importing goods and services into Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Trade Data Features

Trade data plays an important role in making strategic decisions. Our Bangladeshimportsdata platform gives its clients key insights about global markets in order to make better business decisions and strategies in terms of prices, volumes, trade flow, trends over time, or access to more consumers and businesses. Our latest trade report (Updated biweekly) and helps you to connect with importers, exporters, logistic companies & partners, manufacturers, and traders across the globe.

Bangladesh Trade data is collected and prepared based on the Bill of entry and shipping bill documents submitted to customs. Trade data captures each and every product moving in and out of Bangladesh through any mode of Transport (Sea, Air, Road). Our export-import data consist of important information like Importers' details, exporters' details, Products, Prices and quantity which helps you to analyse the movement of your product in the international market.

Our motive is to facilitate exporters and importers through meaningful information updated in 2022-23 with buyers & suppliers and their trade destinations.

Bangladesh Import Data

Bangladesh Import Data Sample

Our shipment data of Bangladesh covers vital information of importers, Suppliers, Prices and market information. Below mentioned is the sample of Bangladesh trade data for 2022-23.

HS Code06039000
Importer NamePushponir
BE NO58822

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Trade values of Import done by Bangladesh in 2019.

MonthsTrade value
Bangladesh Trade Data

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Bangladesh Shipment Data

According to Bangladesh Shipment Data figures, the country exported 45.7 billion USD in 2019. In 2019, it imported 50.4 billion USD of products. In 2019, it will have a negative trade balance of 4.7 billion USD. As of June 2020, the trade balance was -1.6 USD billion.

Bangladesh Custom Data

According to Bangladesh Custom Data, imports declined to 2.5 billion USD in July from 3.90 billion USD in June 2020. Due to a drop in demand caused by the coronavirus epidemic, imports fell to 2.11 billion USD in April 2020. Bangladesh ranks 49th in global imports and is the world's largest cotton importer. The highest imports were observed in January 2019.


Bangladesh is an active country when it comes to imports.

According to Bangladesh 2022-23 statistics, Bangladesh's Most Important Imports are:

  • Petroleum and oil (11 percent of the total imports)
  • Textile (10 percent)
  • Food items (9 percent)
  • Iron and steel (7 percent)
  • Edible oil (4 percent)
  • Chemicals (4 percent)
  • Yarn and plastic (4 percent)
  • Rubber articles (4 percent)

According to the statistics the biggest importer of Bangladesh is none other than China.

This statistic depicts Bangladesh's top import partners in 2022. In 2021, China was Bangladesh's major import partner, accounting for 31% of total imports.

Bangladesh's imports in 2020 were $60.25 billion, a 7.1 per cent increase from 2019. Bangladesh's imports totalled $64.86 billion in 2019, representing a 0.95 per cent raise over 2018.

China is the Bangladesh's biggest trade partner. It is no surprise because of the 6% total trade business is carried out between these two countries. Following them, Bangladesh's primary trade partners are India, Singapore, United States, Japan, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, UAE and Korea.

According to Bangladesh Trade Data, Bangladesh exports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 12.18% and imports of goods and services as percentage of GDP is 18.58%.

Overview According to the Economic Complexity Index, Bangladesh was the 39th most complex economy in the world in terms of GDP the 52nd in total exports, the 50th in total imports, the 149th in GDP per capita and the 111th in total imports in 2022. (ECI).

In the most recent fiscal year, the country's goods export revenues increased by 10.55 per cent year on year to US$14.09 Billion during 2021, owing to a large volume of garment shipping in a favourable external business climate.

The following is the list of products Bangladesh imports from India.
  • Cotton
  • Cereals
  • Vehicles other than railway, tramway
  • Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers
  • Iron and steel
  • Edible vegetables and certain roots and tubers
  • Electrical, electronic equipment

Agricultural is the major sector of Bangladesh. Also it is the world's third-largest rice producer with roughly 35 million tonnes produced yearly, uses practically all of its output to feed its people. Imports are still frequently required to meet shortages caused by floods or droughts.

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